About STEP - Shihab Thangal Educational Program

STEP (SHIHAB THANGAL EDUCATIONAL PROGRAM) is an educational program designed for the educational wellbeing of the back ward society in India. It has been started a center in Dhanbad, Jharkhand. It assures the educational security for all backward students, especially for those who belong to BPL category by enrolling them in nearby schools under the RTE rule. Along with helping them to meet the basic educational needs by providing books, bags, pens, dresses, shoes etc.This has given us much better results than we had expected. We need to have couple of STEP centers in every block.

How we started

We conducted a survey in Panderpala, Dhanbad, and found that, many families are force their children to work. They used to make incense sticks and bangles in their houses.

We found the dark face of our society, even 3 year old children were working at home, making bangles and incense sticks. when we asked their parents, why they are forcing their children to work, they said, they have no choice, they have no money to educate their children. Thus, We selected 50 children, we rented a room in Panderpala, Dhanbad and hired 4 teachers, and started teaching them, also made their families understand that, why the education is important for their children. It took more than 3 years to change their mind and now all families are pursuing for the education of their children instead of forcing them to work.

What changes we have made

Panderpala (Wasseypur) of Dhanbad was always known as a crime city, a movie titled “Gangs of Wasseypur” was made on the basis of the real criminal activities in Wasseypur. The main reason of crime was lack of education and job in Wasseypur. We started a campaign to aware local residents about the importance of education in our lives. So that many young people started their educational career After years of hard work, and started to settled in well jobs instead of continuing in criminal background . That is why, the crime rates in Wasseypur decreased by more than 80%.

Helping Hands

Primary Sponsor

Janab E. T. Mohammed Basheer Sahab is one of the main sponsors who helped a lot bringing us up.

Primary Sponsor

Hamed Moosa is one of the main sponsors who helped a lot bringing us up.


Muzaffar Alam is the president of STEP as well as president of STU Jharkhand.


Junaid Alam is the secrectary of STEP as well as secretary of STU Jharkhand.


Arbaz Alam is the organizer of STEP and member of STU Jharkhand.


Sarfaraj Ansari is a member of STEP and convener of MYL Dhanbad.


Sharique Ansari is a member of STEP and convener of STU Dhanbad.


Shadab Ansari is a member of STEP and member of STU Dhanbad.

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